Learn more about Loyalty Points

Collecting loyalty points can be a super thing but what if we can protect our environment as well? The various plastic cards and the "stamping" cards made of paper finally get into the trash and they are easy to lose and somehow is never around when is needed. Collect your loyalty points in an eco-friendly way digitally as your phone is surely always with you.

In Breakslow app you can easily collect and store the loyalty points of the breakfast places and coffee shops in one place, in digital form.
You can earn points by showing your unique QR code at the restaurants. You can also access your QR code by clicking on the 'Redeem' button and click the yellow Breakslow logo on the main page. If the scanning was successful and you earned a point in one place then the name of the place will appear on the main page and in your profile as well. The rectangle becomes yellow that means the point redeem was successful. 

At the end of the progress, the brown rectangle indicates that you have earned the right number of loyalty points and are eligible for the gift. In some case a 'Send Gift' button will also appear, allowing you to invite a friend for the same gift as yours. You only need to enter your email address and if you have received the bonus, you can even enjoy it together with your friend on a slow and harmonious morning.

The conditions for collecting loyalty points vary from place to place so you can find more details the loyalty system of each cafés and breakfast places.

If your favorite coffee shop doesn’t have a Breakslow digital loyalty system yet, let them know if you would be happy to see them having it.
Get ready to collect your points and for having fun!