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Budapest Breakfast Tour

Are you a breakfast fan? Then jump into a perfect morning experience!

Nine special breakfast spots in Budapest have joined together to bring the concept of breakfast to a new level with sprinkling a pinch of adventure...

Getting started?Taste any of the gourmet breakfasts or all the breakfasts...of all the restaurants in any order.

If you tried the 9 places and you got your tour points we invite you to the 10th breakfast (the gift is different in all places, details below)

Your gift can be consumed in any of the 9 places according to the conditions below. Choose the one place you like best and taste it again. Invite your friends, family, mates or colleagues to be part of the gourmet food.

The duration of the Budapest Breakfast Tour is from July 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019.

In the tour 1 breakfast=1 tour point. (The minimum consumption value is HUF 2,000)

After every collected tour point we support the WeForest organization by HUF 5, so every 6th completed tour means another sapling.


Redeemable gift:
Bálna Bisztró -free breakfast up to HUF 2,000/ person
Cinnamon - free breakfast up to HUF 2,000/ person
Flat White - Eggs Benedict of your choice
Horizont - any breakfast from the current offer
KicsiZso - KicsiZso scrambled eggs sandwich + 2 dl orange juice + coffee
Kuglóf - Eggs Benedict + választható kávé (hétköznap 8:00-12:00 között)
Mokka Cukka - free breakfast up to HUF 3,000/ person
Solinfo Cafe - free breakfast up to HUF 2,000/ person
Zsivány Bisztró - any breakfast of your choice + coffee

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