Where to eat in Budapest – 9 breakfast spots on the Buda side you should not miss

Nov 20, 2017, 2:38 PM - Neer Dorottya

Budapest is an enchanting city. The delicate tranquillity of Buda perfectly outweighs the youthful vividness of the Pest side. It is quite easy to get lost in the downtown whirl of Pest, as it offers many attractions and pretty good breakfast spots. Nevertheless, we recommend taking the time to get acquainted with Buda, since besides beautiful spectacles you can find real gastronomic experiences there. Let us show nine spots that are worth trying.

1. Cinnamon




Cinnamon is characterised by youthful dynamism and a great atmosphere where once you are a brunch-lover you can find breakfast, cinnamon cappuccino and the most comfortable rocking-chair of Buda during the whole day. This place offers a wide choice of egg dishes, sandwiches, salads and sweet breakfasts, so you certainly cannot make a mistake. Moreover, the apple-cinnamon donut of this brunch restaurant is a must to try.






2. Flat White




It is totally worth leaving the downtown for a while to discover Flat White where being „natural” is a basic concept regarding both design and offer. Awesome breakfasts, specialty coffee and swings wait for you only 15 minutes far from the Margaret Island. Who can resist the temptation of trying Flat White burger in a home-made bun filled with potato pancake, ham, fried egg, cheese, fresh salad and in-house burger sauce? Not to mention that it is served with sweet potato chips. We certainly cannot stand against.





3. Budai Milieu




As its name suggests Budai Milieu has created a real ’Buda milieu’ in the heart of the Hegyvidék area of Budapest. This atmosphere itself attracts us to calm down a bit and enjoy rest. Besides healthy or even rich breakfasts we can surprise ourselves with specialty coffees made with particular attention. A full English breakfast of Budai Milieu style can be a perfect start for a sightseeing day.





4. KicsiZso




KicsiZso takes the definition of ’all day breakfast’ very seriously, so if we could we would rather spend the whole day there. The breakfast offer of the place contains real specialities apart from great classics, so it is always a big challenge to make our choice. Our personal favourite is the scrambled eggs sandwich of which weekly variations never disappoint us.





5. Villa Bagatelle




With its sophisticated atmosphere Villa Bagatelle is a great choice for those who like cosy elegance. Thanks to its own kitchen, bakery and confectionery all elements of its offer are made with real care and attention. We can make several choices from the classis tastes to the elegant breakfast specialities even throughout the day.




6. Törökméz




Törökméz is hidden restaurant in the Rózsadomb area of the city where we can choose among fantastic breakfasts all day. It is an exceptionally friendly place in Buda: you can make yourself at home with the company of your family, friends and pets. It is for sure that besides your meal ordered you will also receive a huge smile. It is not by accident that Törökméz is one the favourite breakfast spots of the Budapest residents. Moreover, you will not taste such an English breakfast inspired ‘Full English Egg Slut’ anywhere else in town.





7. Déryné Bisztró




In Déryné Bistro - which dominates one of the historical corners of Buda - you can find fantastic breakfasts all week long. However, the weekend brunch is its real speciality, as this time we can enjoy our extraordinary breakfast together with live music. One of the specialities of the place is Duck Liver Benedict: the harmony of bacon pieces hidden in crunchy potato cover, soft duck liver and roasted onion ring with poached egg is a unique experience.




8. Café Flore Matin et Soir




Café Flore is a tiny Paris in Budapest where you can feel yourself as if a lovely Parisian friend of yours host you, no matter when you arrive. In this French style coffee, you can have your breakfast just like at home and enjoy hospitality of Flóra, founder of the café. The speciality of its Croque Mademoiselle made with béchamel sauce, ham and comté cheese is that here you can have it with cake instead of bread, thus the mixture of tastes is more exciting. We never miss it!




9. mókusch café & deli




This is a small family business with pleasant atmosphere of which speciality lies in its really full breakfasts. Over Hungarian style meals you can find original German, Swiss, English and typically Transylvanian delicacies in the forms of unique breakfasts typical in these regions. It is for sure that the Swiss sandwich of the café filled with savoury cheese gives you enough energy for the whole morning.




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