Have breakfast like Hungarians do!

Jul 15, 2016, 10:37 AM - Dorottya Neer

Are you a type of person who likes to delve into the cuisine of the country visited? We show you where to have breakfast in Budapest if you want to start your day just as Hungarians do!



In Hungary, the tradition of rearing animals and growing crops reaches back to several centuries, thus heavy spices and meat courses are typical of the Hungarian cuisine. Naturally, it is also true for breakfasts and most Hungarians eat breakfast exactly like a king. Traditionally, the first meal of the day is quite fulfilling, especially at the countryside where a lot of energy is needed when working on farms.

A typical, fulfilling Hungarian breakfast consist of freshly baked bread or bun, sausages, bacon, cold cuts, cheese, pâté and eggs in different forms: scrambled, fried or boiled. And all these are accompanied by different kinds of fresh vegetables.


In the 21st century, urbanisation and a turn towards healthier lifestyles have changed the Hungarian eating habits too, however, there are places where you can still find typical Hungarian courses besides lighter breakfasts. You shouldn’t miss these delicious breakfasts, they are especially recommended before an all day long sightseeing! :)


Budapest Bisztró

It is a great choice for those looking for the combination of the Hungarian cuisine’s traditional flavours and the highest quality of modern cuisine. Budapest Bisztró offers you a wide range of meals for breakfast, handmade confectionaries and freshly baked pastries. On the menu, you can also find traditional Hungarian breakfasts with bacon, home-made mangalica sausage, cold goose liver, cheese and fresh vegetables.

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Émile is the sister of the rightly famous Gerbeaud where quality is guaranteed. You can eat your breakfast in the garden next to the elegant villa so you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of Buda accompanied by the twittering of birds and delicious meals.

For the lovers of hot breakfasts, we recommend the “Paraszt” breakfast menu, which is scrambled egg with potato and bacon, debreceni sausage and home-made bread. You can also choose the other Hungarian breakfast menu if you would rather eat cold cuts, marinated purple onion, dips and home-made bread.

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Gerlóczy Cafe

A little bit of France in the heart of Budapest. The great terrace with the shade of a hundred years old elm tree creates a lovely, romantic atmosphere.  Its menu resembles rather to that of a bistro, but you can find meals of Hungarian and other cuisines, too. Their Hungarian omelette worth trying, it is made with sausage, onion, bacon and pepper. This is exactly how you create a Hungarian dish from an originally French meal!

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After a long night out, Spíler, one of Gozsdu Garden’s most visited restaurants is a great choice since nothing is better for your weary body than a breakfast typical of Budapest!

The Hungarian speciality lecsó is not specifically for breakfast, but still, you should try it out! You can choose from three different kinds, and all of them are served with homemade bread. If you would rather opt for a sandwich, don’t miss the one with mangalica salami, cheddar cheese and baby spinach.

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Hadik Kávéház

Hadik is a legendary literary café with old fashioned grandeur where the legacy of the late great Hungarian poets and writers fills the air. What is more, you can also enjoy your cozy morning breakfast on its charming terrace.

At Hadik, you can choose from the breakfasts of several different cuisines, however, we have to admit that the Hungarian one is the most exciting and most fulfilling!

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Két Szerecsen

It is a classical café where you can enjoy both excellent coffees and delicious breakfasts! The flavours of the traditional bistros of Paris are combined with modern gastronomy specialities.

The highlight of the breakfast menu is the Hungarian speciality French toast, but you can also opt for the farmer’s breakfast with paste of grease and liptauer.

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