Flat White - adorable specialty breakfast place in Buda

Sep 22, 2017, 2:18 PM - Neer Dorottya

It’s no surprise Flat White has gained a massive fanbase right after its opening late March. Great specialty coffee, its cosy and natural interior, and the impressive breakfast menu all make us want to spend a whole day at this cool coffee shop.

Cosy, natural, friendly, and definetely all about quality. These expressions come to my mind when I think of this place. Although I could just use these to create a full picture for you, fortunately I have the chance to tell a bit more.




The story of Flat White starts with the friendly collaboration of three couples. Gergő, who fell in love with specialty coffee while working at Villa Bagatelle, had the idea first to open his own coffee shop. His wife, Kata was an expert in commmunication so she could easily support the project with her valuable skills. Leaving behind neighbor country, Austria, Tomi and Brigi joined the team so she can bake her homemade cakes for the café. The team was complete with the join of IT professional Tomi and his girlfriend Réka, who is responsible for the beautiful design.




Working together was no challange for them, they managed to start reconstruction  just one month after the idea first came about. On 31 March Flat White opened its doors for the first time on Szépvölgyi street, after transforming from a hairdresser’s to a coffee shop in less than three months. 




The main concept behind the project is keeping it natural, so they covered the entire floor with green grass, and wood dominates the whole space. Even the menu is made of wood. When it comes to food they wanted to follow the same concept, so they prepare basically everything on the spot. Home-baked bread is served with your breakfast, juices are coldpressed from the bar, cakes are made in the morning and even their non-dairy milks are locally produced.




Coffee comes from local roaster, 42 Coffee. They work with two different blends to fulfill most needs, their ”black blend” is 80% Brazil (natural) and 20% fully washed El Salvador. You can ask for this blend all the time. The ”white” blend consists of frequently changing coffees, all roasted to perfection selected from the freshest green coffees. It’s no surprise regular customers come here for a cup of great coffee from the other sides of the city.






Flat White also offers food options beside the great range of specialty coffee.


The croissant (freshly from the oven) comes with butter and delicious homemade marmalade. It’s also possible to have your favourite breakfast vegan or whole grain.




Anyone who prefers classic breakfast options shouldn’t miss out the wienerwurst with fried eggs, mustard mousse and fresh vegetables.




Burger fans should be excited to find a nice selection of morning burgers here. A big favourite is called Flat White burger made with rösti, ham, fried eggs, cheese and fresh lettuce topped with the burger sauce of the house and served with sweet potato chips.




If you feel more like going for the sweet options, there’s also plenty to choose from there: you can get pancakes, porridge with coconut milk and fruit chutney, seasonal fruit salad and – if butter and marmalade is not sweet enough for you – you can replace it with chocholate cream or sweet cottage cheese for your croissant.




Full menu available here on the website: https://breakslow.hu/menu/flat-white-budapest.pdf


The friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect choice for family get togethers and you don’t have to worry about bringing your dog either. :)






Flat White is a truly loveable spot, which is the result of the owners’ professional attitude and enthusiasm. We just hope they will make their next dream come true, to open a sister shop on the other side of the Danube, so that even more people could get to know this gorgeous project. Until then, even the one hour ride will not stop me from coming back to this place over and over again...