Do you need something for breakfast but you don’t know where to get it? Breakslow will help you!

Jun 28, 2016, 10:28 AM - Zoltan Debre

Did it happen to you also that you went abroad with your friends, woke up famished on your Airbnb couch downtown ready to discover the city but didn’t know where to get a proper breakfast?

Typical story. We know how it feels to leave yourself to your fate and go to the nearest restaurant disappointed after you have searched through all the boring places recommended by Tripadvisor, some dumb top 10 lists you found on Google or the brochures scattered on the table. We think it is unacceptable in the technologically advanced 21st century that you spend more time with looking for an ideal place for breakfast than with eating itself!



Our aim is to make the lives of visitors coming to Budapest easier and to help them find the best places for breakfasts so their day can start perfectly. BREAKSLOW was created for you, modern day tourists, travellers and globetrotters who are addicted to great cities, who want to explore new places, try out new flavours and for people who are committed to nourish their bodies in their mundane lives properly. This is especially the case on a holiday when your only task is to enjoy every bits of the culture, collect new experiences and to get acquainted with new flavours. Furthermore, one of the most enjoyable and entertaining forms of recreation is eating out, which has an especially significant role during vacations! Usually, one of the greatest questions during holidays is what to eat and where?


We believe that a delicious breakfast can brighten your whole day and you must fuel up before you hit the streets of Budapest.




Having a breakfast is a great fun in itself, however, there are several advantages of it, too. There is nothing better than to surprise your beloved one with a delicious omelette accompanied by American pancakes on the terrace of a cozy place and to prepare for the adventures of the day together. Or there is no better way to cure your hangover after a long night out with your friends than to have an extra portion of ham & eggs with fresh smoothie at a nearby restaurant. Or be it another reason you are looking for a breakfast place, you are doing it right since most experts say that a healthy breakfast stables your blood-sugar and cholesterol, and it also provides you energy for the rest of the day.


As the proverb says: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!




So it is already given that you are in a new city, you would like to have a delicious breakfast but you are still wondering what Breakslow is? In short: it is the Bible of breakfast places! A browser where you can find restaurants, cafés and brunches in Budapest easily and quickly, a blog where you can find reviews and critics of breakfast places. Breakslow is the new star of the gastro-related social media where you can find enticing pictures and videos.




With the help of the map browser you can pick the places nearest to you, filter according to your favourite type of breakfast, check whether wifi is provided so you can share your cool photos with the world instantly, or look for the best cafés of Budapest. We did not forget about people with gluten or lactose intolerance since everybody deserves to enjoy the pleasures of a delicious breakfast!


Open Breakslow, use it, recommend it to your friends and let us know if you liked it! Because it was created for breakfast lovers, modern day travellers addicted to cities, curious gourmets, healthy eaters and for conscious or spontaneous globetrotters, or in one word: it was created for you! Use it well!


So here is BREAKSLOW:



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