Berlingualfoodie’s Top 5 Breakfast Places in Budapest

Nov 6, 2018, 6:14 PM - Rebekka Oltay/Berlingualfoodie

I consider myself very lucky to call Berlin and Budapest my home. Both cities have a lot to offer and in many aspects one city provides me with what the other lacks. My name is Rebekka, I’m twenty years old, and like you, I am a huge fan of good breakfast. 

Although my love for photography and food was sparked five years ago, I’ve only been posting my food experiences on Instagram as Berlingualfoodie since March 2018. I visit Budapest frequently because of my boyfriend and the close connection I feel to the city. I spent half of my childhood in and around Budapest thanks to my mother, who always wanted me to stay in touch with my Hungarian roots.

Observing Berlin’s and Budapest’s breakfast cultures the past years, I’ve realized that there are greater differences than similarities. I find this very interesting and exciting and I believe that it gives me a unique perspective. Judging from personal experiences as well as social media, Budapest’s breakfast culture seems to be rather new, compared to Berlin. That is no criticism, but an explanation of how my impressions and experiences in Berlin influence my choice of favorite breakfast spots in Budapest and vice versa. However, regardless of the country or city, a breakfast place has to not just serve delicious and unique dishes, but also impress me with aesthetic, yet cozy interior design, and passionate staff to become a personal favorite. 


Brunch in style and with lots of avocado

I’ve found the ultimate cure for grumpiness: “The Hangover,”* snug interior, and staff who will surely put a smile on your face. Top that off with extra avocado and an orange chai latte and the day is saved. This particular cure is only available in a small, but stylish and charming coffee place on Dohány utca called London Coffee Society. The menu is a variation of eggs and avocado, but my personal favorite* includes a tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheddar, and Serrano ham, as well as nachos and beans. Even though the store is mostly crowded, the LCS staff remains friendly and laidback, which, along with the delicious all day breakfast, makes it my favorite hideout spot on rainy days.



“This is a place where everything is possible*”

Sonkapult –A gem I surprisingly didn’t come across on Instagram, but right below the vacation rental my best friends and I lived in this summer. Sonkapult stands out from the crowd of Budapest breakfast places, because it offers unique foods that are presented with creativity and visible passion. Even though the space is limited, the interior is cozy and ideal for enjoying a cup of coffee with your best friend. The staff is very friendly, open to alterations,* and seem to enjoy their work, which adds to the relaxed vibe of the store. If I wouldn’t stop by the Jewish quarter as much as I already do, Sonkapult’s green stuffed French toast and fluffy sweet pancakes would definitely give me a good reason.  



“Old” and always gold

While Zoska isn’t actually old, it belongs to my personal oldies, because it is one of the first breakfast places I visited in Budapest and one of few that I visit over and over again.
Whether it’s fluffy pancakes, French toast (bundáskenyér) or their extremely satisfying oatmeal, Zoska and its cozy interior never fails to make me feel homey. A study oasis, a place to drink a coffee with an old friend, a place for reunions, and a place to cure your post - festival cold with a hot tea and a piece of cake; regardless of the weather, situation, or my mood, Zoska gives me a sense of balance and comfort. If you stop by, don’t forget to leave a note on their colorful wall of post-its.



Budapest’s heaven of health

Franziska – The kind of breakfast place I’ve been missing in Budapest. As much as I love to indulge in sweets and eat foods that some call unhealthy, I prefer a balanced and clean diet. Franziska gives me the opportunity to stick to my healthy eating habits by offering savory and sweet dishes, which aren’t just delicious, but also good for the body and soul. It is praiseworthy that there are many vegan, paleo and lactose or gluten free options for people who are tied to or choose a certain lifestyle. My personal favorites are the hazelnut waffle with fresh fruits and coconut foam as well as the peanut butter bowl.



The best grilled cheese sandwich is not found in America, it’s served on Rózsadomb.

While I am mostly in Pest, Törökméz was the first breakfast place to lure me to Buda. After several recommendations and many Instagram posts I finally found myself on a small, but comfy terrace, surrounded by breakfast lovers. The menu satisfies those looking for sweet or salty, traditional or exceptional, as well as hearty or light breakfast dishes. I can especially recommend the házi lecsó, Törökméz granola, and the crunchy, yet juicy grilled cheese sandwich, which I can never resist halfing with my boyfriend. Even though my heart still belongs to Pest, Törökméz is always worth crossing a bridge.



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