A little bit of France in Budapest

Jul 15, 2016, 10:20 AM - Zoltan Debre

It happened a long time ago in the middle of the Earth, in Paris that people did not start their day with mindless morning rush or extreme stress level. I was on a holiday with my beloved and we were trying to start the day as pleasantly as possible. We stumbled upon an authentic French bistro which had warm and pleasant atmosphere, and the air was filled with the smell of fresh croissants, French toasts, croque monsieur and excellent coffees. Obviously, the hustle and bustle didn’t start yet. Locals were having their breakfasts on the terrace as calmly as tourists did. The day started in a slow pace as everybody prepared for their round of duties. We instantly fell in love with the charming atmosphere of the place and with the French breakfasts.



As more and more cafés opened their doors in Budapest, we can experience the dolce vita lifestyle not just in mediterranean big cities or in Paris, but in Budapest too. These charming cafés and restaurants recall the atmosphere of original French bistros with their design, gastronomy blended with a little bit of Hungary.


We created a list of places that bring a little bit of French atmosphere and gastronomy to Budapest. Join us and visit the French cafés of Budapest!


À la Maison Grand

The name itself suggests a little bit of French influence. Á la Maison Grand is a place with beautiful, clean French design and a kitchen without compromises. Here you can try all kinds of French breakfasts, but you can also have your morning menu with Hungarian specialities. There are several variations for breakfast (French, English, Viennese, American), and you can choose from different kinds of eggs benedicts, croque monsieur, French toasts, or you can stick with the regular croissant and jam menu. If you are fond of sweet breakfasts, don’t miss the huge American pancake, but mind it, you may not be able to cope with it alone! :)

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Amber's French Bakery & Cafe

Amber’s was born from the love of a French confectionary and a bakery, inspired by the owner’s trips to France. It is a combination of a café, bistro, confectionary and bakery where you can choose from different kinds of breakfasts. Delicious sandwiches, fresh salads, classic French baguettes and deserts are on the menu.

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Elysée Bistro & Kávéház

Elsyée Bistro can be found next to Kossuth square and it has a beautiful view on the Parliament from its terrace. It incorporates the features of French bistros into the famous Hungarian cuisine and is always open to the novelties of gastronomy. French cuisine is represented only by fresh croissants and French toast, however, if you want to try out a typical Hungarian breakfast in a charming French atmosphere, Elysée Bistro is the perfect choice!

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Le Petit Bistrot

A little bit of Southern France in Budapest. Le Petit is a cute bistro near to the Opera with a pleasant, mediterranean atmosphere to where you can escape from the noises of the city. You can encounter an entirely different world on the corner of Dessewffy and Hajós street, where Le Petit Bistrot is hiding between old-fashioned buildings. For breakfast you can choose from a wide range of sweets, grilled sandwiches, soups and sweet or salty pancakes. Worth trying! :)

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Patrisa Provence

Out of all the aforementioned places, Patrisa Provence is the one where you can experience a genuine French atmosphere. As if you were in the Gaul countryside! It is an original French bakery, a special restaurant for breakfasts and also a piece of art with its charming interior design. Pastries, French cheese plates, different kinds of pates, salads, baguettes and macarons are waiting for you at Patrisa Provence. Leave the busy downtown of the city and visit the Provence of Budapest!

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